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Schwan's USA CUP:  July 15-19, 2014

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The online team management program provides an easy and efficient way to manage your team roster.

  • In order to create your team roster, you will need your team’s unique ID number.  The event registrar will assign a unique Team ID number for your team.   If you do not have this ID number, please contact for this information.  Player addresses and jersey numbers are required.

  • If you have your Team ID number and this is your first time using the Roster Management tools, you will need to create a password for your team's account.   To do this, enter your Team ID below and click on the 'Create Password' button.

  • If you have already created a password for your team's roster account, enter your Team ID and password below and click the 'Login' button.
NOTE:  If you are managing more than one team, you will need each team’s unique Team ID number to create a roster.  You may, however, use the same password for each team if you so desire.

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